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Debate.Org: Is Ai Weiwei the most important artist in the world right now?

Yes, I think so.

Ai Weiwei first of all is a human-kind just like you and me. And then he is an artist as a profession for living and social recognition. The instinct and right of expressing oneself are the basic characteristics of being a human. Expressing oneself is also a way of realizing oneself a human and differentiating human from animals. Ai Weiwei is living and working in the biggest country which still does not respect the basic human rights in the planet. Country like China not only jeopardizes its own people’s happiness but also influences life of all the people in the world. After the harsh punishment put upon him by China, Ai continues to fight for the basic rights, express himself and speak for his fellow citizens using the creativity of an artist. Without the systematic protection of the basic human rights, it is impossible to expect higher living or aesthetic standards-even you can do so, it is meaningless and deceptive. Ai Weiwei is the very artist who fights for the system that protects fundamental human rights and guarantees the human dignity. That is why I think he is the most important artist in the world today.

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