A letter for wikileaks founder Julian Assange

China’s unlawful barring Wang Zhongxia from leaving his country

Mr. Assange,


My name is Wang Zhongxia, a 29-year-old Chinese citizen based in Beijing. I have known you and your story since long time ago. Back to the year when you fought against extradition to Sweden in London, I was not so understanding your cause and your conditions. I even thought you should had faced the Swedish authorities for any questions or demands and took the consequences. But recent dramatic turns around Snowden shed me lights on the ongoing US secret investigations against Wikileaks and Assange. Given recent relentless campaign from US politicians and mainstream media against Mr. Snowden, I could understand the danger you faced and the necessity to hide into the Ecuadorian embassy. I found myself put by China in the same legal jeopardy where you were put by the US. Both authorities refused to discuss the status of ongoing secret investigations against us. Snowden even became stateless. This is completely lawless. We have to end this all.



Here is my story:

On the day of 6th Feb 2013, I was about to take a Chinese commercial flight in Guangzhou international airport for Rangoon, Burma as I planned to. When I was going to pass the border, I found myself stopped. Detained for roughly one hour in an airport interrogation room by local police officers, I was informed that I was not allowed to travel outside my country. Refusing to provide any kind of formats of explanations, the Guangzhou local police authorities told me that orders preventing me from going came from Beijing. If I wanted to know the reason why I was barred from traveling, I should consult Beijing public security bureau.

According to the specific Chinese law, Governmental Information Publicization Act, I filed an application letter to the Beijing police authorities for the reason why I got stopped in Guangzhou. They replied to me on the day of 23rd April 2013 which was legal in term of time limits. In this letter, they said that “according to the specific law, Customs Regulations for Chinese Citizens, and 1st item of its 8th section, I was barred from leaving because of one or more than one of beneath:

1)    Defendents of criminal cases.

2)    Criminal Suspects recognized by Chinese police authorities.

3)    Criminal Suspects recognized by Chinese prosecution authorities.

4)    Criminal Suspects recognized by Chinese courts.

As far as I know, also in the logic of no one could know me better than myself, I was never placed by anybody or any authorities as a criminal case defendant. So the only possibility I was not allowed to travel abroad is that I was a some kind of criminal suspect recognized by Chinese authorities. Also in the logic of no one could know me better than myself, to my best memory I was never notified by anybody that I was under any kind of criminal investigations. So I sent a second letter to Beijing police authorities for all the information around my so called criminal investigation including the accusations against me, the time since when I was criminally investigated, the period during which I was not allowed to travel abroad, the specific authority by which I was recognized as a criminal suspect, the reason why I was not notified in time that I was put under a criminal investigation. Finally, the Beijing police authorities relied again only time wise legally. Because they said that according Governmental Information Publicization Act, the information I solicited was not categorized as governmental information. This is totally absurd and beyond any legal debate. This equals saying Beijing police authorities not part of Chinese government.


Recently there are lots of controversy about Snowden’s choice for asylum even in Chinese netizens’ circle. A person truly treasuring freedom will not have problems with whistleblowers’ choice for refuge. Let us make a new world where transparency and human dignity would be truly worshiped.


Wang Zhongxia

2013/6/25 Beijing

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